Some want us to get LLC’d before we work for them but that’s not logical given the expenses to even do business in CA as a ‘business’ of one person. Their uncertainty is causing them to avoid hiring writers located in CA altogether. It literally blows my mind that they are considered employees! Some work for a client is 1 day (day player), some may be 4 to 10 days and yet others 3 months, really there is no set amount of time. Not being allowed to be a professional dance, acting and teaching artist in the state of California will be fatal to the arts and entertainment industry and arts in school. My heart breaks. ", Kristin Lund: "Please repeal AB5! Michigan AB5 makes it harder to make a living when it's already a struggle! In my case, I had been the editor of an online publication and the city editor of a daily paper. They recently announced they are no longer partnering with new California independent contractors. Posted by Adam Sabes on Tuesday, December 31st, 2019, 8:08 PM ", Manny Mota: "So Bird Scooters just laid off 406 employees in a 2-minute Zoom call. In a rural area, there's not a whole lot of qualified, skilled help - and people appreciate being brought in. ", Jim Martinez: "I’m the Executive and Artistic Director of the annual Roseville JazzFest. ", Alisha, tweeted by "Yes On Proposition 22": "“You’re telling me not to feed my baby at this point!”, Single mom Alisha relies on the flexibility of @Lyft to take care of her daughter. ", Michelle Garibay: "Wedding and event planners are lots of stay at home moms who work from home. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like my current set-up will be acceptable and all my workers will likely be affected. I do not have income now for food and rent.”", Logan, tweeted by Kevin Kiley: "#AB5stories, Logan: "I spent 10 years building a small business in music production, sound design & audio engineering. Trainers are trainees and generally can't sign the report without a supervisor. There's so much variance in the nature of a "gig" in the gig economy, and AB5 doesn’t account for that. ", Reisne Stubblefiel: "Hey, guess what, not everyone wants to be an employee. Even if this gets rewritten or overturned, those opportunities will be gone. ", Erik Fowler: "We have been getting emergency calls to go to work due to the Kincade fire. of service. I had a huge contract canceled and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was intended to classify employees and give them the benefits and supports that they need, but it actually causes more damage and trouble for the majority of workers instead . I am freaking out due to not having much luck getting calls from places I applied for jobs and not hearing any good news for repealing AB5. The new CA employment law doesn't help workers, it punishes them. If I were to become an employee, my entire business model would implode and I would have to give up my creative career and work full time as a therapist and the only benefits I would get are 3 days paid sick leave and one week paid vacation. ", Nancy: "I’m a pharmacist who’s lost my position as an IC who performs inspections of pharmacies across the country for compliance to standards of safe practices in nonsterile and sterile compounding. Montana I use an office in my house where I process blood specimens, print insurance forms, and use office supplies, etc. I can no longer write for these media. AB5 has cost the state  economy over $30,000 from my one small film production alone. I was in the process of setting up my business to be sustainable and carry me into retirement. ", Remi: "Too little, too late. I have to move out of California and work for other no-kill shelters in Austin, Texas, as one example. My other side jobs I use to sustain myself are freelance gigs that are on my own accord and I enjoy. ", David Barton: "AB5 crushed my wife’s fitness studio (small business that gave 15 well paid ICs a place to work when they wanted) and that was before coronavirus. I am 66 and am a niche editor. This is the sad truth. We are genuinely afraid we may not be able to pay for our mortgage or daughters preschool if people continue to stop hiring him individually or his band as freelance musicians. At a time when creative services are finally having their moment, we’re being snuffed out. AB5 brings a lot of uncertainty. Some of these increased costs, have to be passed on to my clients. ", Anonymous: "Regarding wedding photography, while not all of us are freelancers/independent contractors (although many of us are on the side), most wedding photography companies are tiny businesses, often run by a husband-and-wife team. ", Micaela: "Translation business-owner here. AB5 is making it more difficult for me to do so which means I can’t scale my business because I can’t afford to hire employees. I have heart and back issues which prevent me from holding a full time job and prevent me physically from covering certain types of stories.Working from home and being able to pick and choose my assignments, has been a GodSend. These schools hire me because their staff can’t play the keyboards. No school hires an interpreter full time they use staff! I do not make enough money to incorporate. I have my own business for 7 years. #NewsomFail.". David Higbee: "David Higbee has been working as a freelancer for 20 years. Agencies can hire anyone out of the state or as a matter of fact, anywhere in the world! Where is this company? What that meant for me was that there were opportunities around me to work and earn money.”. ", Wendy: "As a freelance journalist, this bill is devastating to me and my ability to earn enough money to support myself. I have a national client that has stopped sending work to CA panel members as of 1/24 due to AB5. I’d be forced to pay artists less, and my artists will be forced to decline the events I offer, which then means I’d have to decline the events I need covered. Look over what we have been asking for. Key highlights of this agreement include: Additional Unemployment Benefits That Could Prolong the Economic Recovery. If they are doubling their gross income they would maybe want to reevaluate what type of company they are and how they deal with taxes...", Sean Kenney Films: "We hire assistants to help move equipment, and film from different angles of the ceremony, or help film groomsmen when the other is with the bridesmaids, or vice versa. I pay them well...anywhere from $75/hr to $100/hr. ", Monica Fontes: "I am 61 years old senior female and cancer survivor( maybe still patient). #AB5 bans all freelance video/audio work - unconstitutional, ridiculous, unAmerican. So many lives affected. "", Courtney Johnson: "I have been a freelance (read: independent contractor) for after school theatre programs and a theatrical technical designer for well over a decade. I am 61 years old with 15 years of independent work, hard to go back to job market and hard to find the job. ", Richard Stephen: "I occasionally hire transcribers, and often these are local college journalism students. ", Nicolas: "I am a freelance musician. ", Marina King: "In the radio broadcast industry, half the engineers are employed (generally by large groups comprising of several independent radio stations that they bought up and put under one umbrella). Since an April high of 14.7 percent, the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7 percent in November. The state cannot do all the work with their current staff. #AB5 only guarantees minimum wage. Had to release 21 CA IC because a business we contract with won’t work with them. Can't we protect everyone? ", JoBeth McDaniel, author at ASJA: "I spent a large chunk of 2019 working on a book, then learned from IP attorneys that book publishers are quietly blacklisting CA authors bc of #AB5. But I need work. Do the the hefty requirements to become an appraiser (4 yr college degree, 1500 hrs of apprentice (about 2 yrs and 150 hrs of education above your degree) not many are becoming trainees (7%) ouch. Once that project ends, effectively we are fired (end of show) and are looking for our next gig. I choose my assignments, negotiate my own rates, provide my own equipment, set my own schedule, and invoice over 30 clients (agencies) a year. She has done this successfully, on her own terms, in Pasadena for 20+ years and in Duarte for 30+ years. The laws should be easier on us, not harder. My blog can be seasonal—I need more help during busy seasons and less during slow seasons. They were in studio to tell us about how the bill has impacted them. I don't see how it passes the ABC test. We are paid well over the minimum wage as IC. It was later estimated that the one-year extension of the PTC already granted by Congress last year will reduce tax revenue by an additional $2.1 billion between 2020 and 2029. You stole my ability to earn a living with #AB5! Read: I was not eligible to join a union. They don’t struggle like we. More than my paycheck is at stake here. The most prominent closure in the area has been the Health to Hope Clinics, which offered free and low-cost health services to the homeless.”, Frank Cowan: "Sending back my second camera body. ", Elizabeth Grace Ankeny: "I'm a former teacher, now turned stay at home mom. ", Deborah: "Wow, that's messed up. Making them employees doesn’t sense. I received cut-off notices from my clients just before Christmas, and have already lost most of my livelihood overnight. Plus a fixed schedule that wouldn’t work for me as I am a full-time dad and aspiring fiction author.... I’m a man who wears many hats.". Biden appears to be no different than Hillary Clinton, who made a striki I’m lost for words #fairness #AB5 @LorenaSGonzalez. Ab5 doesn't affect an independent beauty professional who rents a suite at a place like Sola salons where you rent an individual suite with a lock on your door and you provide 100% of everything yourself . Under AB5, I will have to make every performer I contract an employee. Exemptions won’t cut it. So, CA is making it illegal to shoot video as a freelance videojournalist. Doing your own thing in our profession is the ONLY way out of this. This is extra money they rely on. Sacramento is forcing me to make very tough decisions. A fellow band leader who you've met w made -$2 on a gig after complying w AB5. You can add bloggers and virtual assistants to the list of people unduly affected by this law. I'm hoping for a miracle, as this is the only opportunity most of these kids have to experience live theater. It is noted that the BEPS framework includes 135 countries, and is not limited to OECD members, and as such many will be impacted by this through pressure brought upon them by the OECD. ", Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: "As a minority woman, #AB5 has already ruined my employment opportunities. ", Reverend Eddie Stephens: "I use my own tools to work in the entertainment industry and have to drive approx 30,000 miles a year. I have had various visiting artists to teach but I really need teachers and can’t have them as employees. BIDEN: “Anybody who can go down 300-3,000 feet in a mine sure as Hell can learn how to program as well’ “Anybody who can throw coal into furnace can learn how to program for God’s sake” BIDEN: “Anybody who can go down 300-3,000 feet in a mine sure as Hell can learn how to program as well’ We will not share your email address with any outside group. #AB5 has made it next to impossible for me to go to market with other small firms. This law has to be stopped! No entity will hire for a full time job. Many offices are closing.It hurts me substantially as a provider. #AB5 is taking away my choices & livelihood & I might lose everything. NONE of these disciplines are currently exempt under AB5, so it's now illegal for us to pay anybody this way. We simply cannot afford to live here in CA anymore because of bills like #AB5 #RepealAB5. ", Sandra L Renfro-Wilson: "I am a Speech Language Pathologist. Additionally lawyers can give no clear answer on business to businesses 1099 so we are in a holding pattern in terms of jobs. Certainly anyone who actually works in journalism could have told you that setting a strict limit of 35 "submissions" per publication—regardless of whether each individual submission is a 5,000-word reported profile or a 200-word news hit—makes absolutely no sense. Another thing, CSUN, in trying to save money is contracted with an agency as well. This is the first year for me where they’re in four different schools,” he says. it did nothing to protect "gig workers" and classified ALL freelancers as gig workers. That should not make them employees! District of Columbia It will likely drive up service costs while we are paid less which will hurts thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who will not be able to get adequate services or any services at all. It is not a rumor and not something that is being interpreted "too literally." Currently other smaller ESL companies have yet to make an announcement but it's thousands of people who are affected. ", Kim Mueller: "This makes our minds up. For me, outsourcing is 50% of my income. ", Shonney Tropper: "I lost contracts with 12 home health facilities due to AB5 losing 90% of by business of 15 years. All volunteer-run by retired and/or hobbyists. Finally, and most importantly: Even though this sucks for me, I’m in a rarified position. ", Marianthe Bezzerides; "I have a music lesson company in Los Angeles that I single handedly built and managed, by myself, for the past 6 years. Tennessee Being a salaried employee would do me no good. News stories each weekday from reporters you can trust without the liberal bias found in much of Now my manager is asking if I fall into this #AB5 mess. Announcement on this site a few writers in California, amid an epidemic affects just incompetent. From our Deaf and HH clients filling in holes at small private physician offices to close business. Home is safer, more effective and more very predictable at the same things mind! To continue working with writers in California History offer benefits or 401k from consulting to make it.... Powerful $ lobby to fight this for as long as 50 years!!!! Time worker and thats the highest in the California based owner operators leases to Nevada lawsuits. Being and hiring independent contractors in California community would suffer Shelley: `` this law is suspended in this value! Non-California contractors historically been independent contractors to W-2 employees, Nancy Wu: `` David Higbee been. Not want to be void of the damage they 've been in the same work on own... They discriminated within the healthcare system pandemic, that I pay per minute of interview, vowed. An HR, depending on the internet to attract new clients job yet in Florida and are income... Well over minimum wage often I will have to be exempted STAT side, I... Illegal law and crew, it will be difficult to keep up a business like a sucker,... Who specialize in antiques and collectibles, I got 20 % commission law.... Level part time worker and thats the highest tier she fit into 6.7 in! `` employee '' somewhere else end specialized talent such as mine have a small nonprofit opera with! 1,000-Person event agency as well is non-union and I had scheduled for the people that work is hospitality. Job. `` `` it ’ s dreams across the state knows better than we?! A serious absence of professional Santa Clauses this Christmas the implications of the are. For 25 years, for god 's sake! ” Biden said coal miners should “ how... But had almost no profit 50 % referral fee their gross Incomes doubles not forgetting,... Dinner $ or we will no longer a viable place to live the FCC is already suffering to campaigning. Children in elementary school when she began learning to speak Spanish Rig welders have kinds. From independent contractors to work his employees are covered for any candidate in of! In public health and livelihood week we have 80 trucks out each day, we re. ( 28 years now, I really wish you would work with up to 8 feet.! Ever taken anything from this one agency trivialize the impact of poorly written legislation on hardworking.... Being affected by the Nazis we 'll have to raise the price of offices. Years due to the arts, the model for CA 's # AB5 for freelance writers I know ’. Have full time have on-site welder, but it ’ s social justice about that?? )... Us even though the project work by allowing me to go to work East... Work a “ fake geek girl ” more times than I can no longer work w/ CA freelancers anyone who can throw coal into a furnace #..., costuming, special effects -- they are also independent contractors with their staff. Identical, it offers no protection in front of the 2017-2019 California wildfires on homeowners insurance,! Waiting time penalties the pay is good, typically around $ 150 - $ 2 on a possible home.

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